The Coloranino® – Your drinks. Their experience.

  • Internet connection via QR code technology and Wifi
  • Offline-mode with selfie-cam or saved image gallery
  • Flavor-neutral food coloring - Made in Germany
  • NEW: cartridges available in different colors
  • Slim design for a visual highlight: available in black or white
  • Plug & Play: No additional app or service pack required
  • Multilingual and global customer support

Coloranino® in Action

How does it work?

Looking for technical details?

The Coloranino innovatively combines different technologies. The software of the Coloranino is controlled by an integrated tablet. This allows the user to start and finish printing on the touchscreen with just two clicks. The prepared drink only has to be placed on the movable platform of the Coloranino. The following steps are now taken over automatically by the Coloranino:

  1. The drink goes up to the drop-on-demand inkjet printer and stops through the built-in infrared sensor as soon as the surface of the drink is detected.
  2. The interchangeable print cartridges of the printer now move across the beverage surface in an X, Y scheme. The size of the printed image can be customized.
  3. Flavor-neutral food coloring (Made in Germany) is now sprayed with a resolution of 300 DPI on the surface. There is no contact between the pressure nozzle and the beverage.
  4. Having finished the printing process, the platform moves down and the bartender can take the finished customized drink in order to serve it to his customers.
We, the Team Colorato, use the following mantra "... please do not download an extra app before the device can be used ...". Therefore, we have defined the interfaces of the tablet in three ways: 1) QR code technology for online transfers of images, 2) Selfie cam for creating live photos (on-site and off-line), 3) Built-in memory for saving images, ideal for frequently printed images or locations where Wi-Fi is not available. Thanks to the fully automated and sophisticated handling of the Coloranino, the bartender can continue to focus fully on his most important task: inspire his customers.

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Where can the Coloranino® be used?

Cafés & Restaurants

Bars & Clubs

Hotels & Lounges

Events & Exhibitions

Coloranino® FAQ

With what does the Coloranino print?

The Coloranino® prints with certified food coloring. We offer two different textures: EC 1333/2008 compliant for use within the EU; as well as FDA approved for use within the USA.

What drinks can the Coloranino® print on?

The Coloranino® can print on almost all smooth surfaces with a maximum diameter of 10 cm. Coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, beer, milkshakes, smoothies, pastries or desserts such as ice cream - there are no limits for your creativity!

Which motifs can I use to be printed?

With the Coloranino® you can print all possible motives. Any selfie, company logo, photo or slogan, everything is possible!

Can the Coloranino® also prepare drinks?

No, the Coloranino® is a food and beverage printer that can decorate the surface, but not produce drinks itself.

Does printing with the Coloranino® change the taste of my beverage?

No, our food coloring is neutral in taste. The enjoyment of your drinks is therefore not negatively affected.

Are the cartridges refillable or replaceable?

The cartridges can be easily replaced. Replacement cartridges are easy to order via our webshop. Since the food coloring, as well as comparable food, are subject to a best before date, we do not fill these into already used cartridges, but offer only newly filled print cartridges.

How many prints are possible with one cartridge?

There are about 800 prints possible, but this may vary depending on the size of the printing surface.

How should the cartridges be stored?

The cartridges should be stored at room temperature.

In which colors can the Coloranino® print?

Our Coloranino can print in following colors: chocolate brown, black, red, yellow, blue. The print is always monochrome in one of the selected colors. On request, we can also compose any other color (for example green) for you.

Do I need an app to transfer images?

No, our Coloranino® does not require an additional app. Following options are possible: 1) Use of QR code technology for online transferring images, 2) Use of selfie webcam for creating live photos (on-site and off-line), 3) Built-in memory for saving standard images.

Can I use different sizes of glasses / cups?

Yes, the built-in sensor automatically detects the beverage surface. Note that especially glasses are filled to the upper edge of the cup (with beer or milk foam).

What about the warranty?

We offer 12 months warranty on our beverage printer and offer you exclusive customer service.

Do I need trained personnel to install the printer?

No, one of the big advantages of the Coloranino® is the intuitive handling. The Coloranino® is preconfigured as a Plug & Play device and can be used in just a few minutes.

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