The Coloranino®

Color up your Coffee!

Create unforgettable and personal experiences for your guests.

The Coloranino® – an innovative marketing tool for your business!

Innovation that inspires.


Great potential for your business!

The new printing technology of the Coloranino® opens up entirely new perspectives and transforms the customer experience of your guests into extraordinary moments.

Own motifs such as company logos, selfies and sayings can be quickly and easily printed on drinks and food with our innovative Coffee Printer.

Set new standards of coffee enjoyment; The combination of taste and emotion will bring it to a new level.

Personalized coffee inspires!

Outstanding opportunities.

Design meets user-friendliness

Our Coffee Printer inspires the expression of unlimited creativity. Print coffee, cappuccino, beer, cocktails, desserts and much more with individual designs – in just a few seconds!

  • Optimized software enables faster operation

  • Narrow design for a beneficial integration

  • Various printing options

    Exceptional user experience.

    On the integrated tablet, you can select everything in just a few steps with the touch screen to print the desired motifs. Own motives can be easily chosen and, if desired, settings such as brightness, contrast, and size can be adjusted for an optimal print result.

    • The integrated software is clear and uncomplicated
    • The Coloranino® can be operated quickly via touchscreen
    • Settings such as brightness and size can be easily adjusted

    Print your own design.

    Own motives can be transferred quickly and easily with the smartphone to the Coloranino® – no matter if selfies, company logos or quotes.

    All you need to do is scanning the QR code from the device with your smartphone and selecting the desired image from your photo gallery.

    No app is needed for the transfer – Just an active internet connection

    Since the Coloranino® comes standard with a Wi-Fi interface, it can easily be connected to the Internet; The offline mode is also possible.

    1. Scan the QR code on the printing device with your smartphone

    2. Choose and transfer an image from your smartphone

    3. Select image file on the tablet and print

    NEW! The Coloranino® Selfie-Cam.

    The new Coloranino® Selfie-Cam makes your coffee printer even more interactive! Selfies can now be created directly on the device at the touch of a button using a connected camera and can therefore be printed on the beverage even faster. No need to use a smartphone or an additional app! To create the Selfies of your customers in seconds, you can attach the camera for example in the bar or guest area as well as directly on the device – according to the requirements of your gastronomy!

    Combined with the Selfie-Cam, the Coloranino® is a perfect tool for your system gastronomy! At trade fairs and weddings, for example, the function is very popular and takes the “Photobox experience” to a whole new level! It is conveniently connected via USB cable. The installation is also characterized by simplicity and high user friendliness.

    The Coloranino® Selfie-Cam is optionally bookable with the purchase of a Coloranino®. Also available individually in our web shop for retrofitting.

    *Food coloring

     Food coloring ‘Made in Germany’

    The cartridges of the Coloranino® are filled with neutral food coloring. It is manufactured and bottled in Germany and meets the requirements of the ZZulV. Each cartridge has a capacity of approximately 800 prints and is easy to replace.

    The cartridges are available in the colors dark brown, red, blue, yellow and black, which can be easily reordered via our web shop.

    • Our food coloring is made in Germany

    • neutral in taste

    • available in different colors

    Innovative printing.

    With the help of an innovative process, the Coloranino® prints any design on the desired surface. During the printing process, an intelligent infrared sensor measures the height of the cup and the printhead prints the surface with taste-neutral food coloring in just a few seconds.


    The Coloranino® is entirely maintenance-free, unlike coffee machines. There is no need for regular acceptance by electricians, which is why no additional maintenance costs will occur for you.

    More customers – increased performance & success.

    What do you need to be distinctive from the high competition of the gastronomy? Individuality and enthusiasm!

    The Coloranino® will inspire your guests and will create them a new kind of customer experience.

    More joy, more enthusiasm, more awareness. Our Coffee Printer fascinates!

    • More reach by increased attention

    • Emotional interaction with your guests

    • Create a unique brand experience

    Color up your Coffee!


    More success through a new customer experience.

    Convince yourself of the Coloranino® – the innovation that will delight your customers.

    Remarkably versatile.

    Whether traditional cafés, modern bars or corporate events.

    The Coloranino® is suitable for any gastronomy to offer your guests unique experiences.

    Cafés & Bars

    Hotels & Restaurants

    Events & Trade Shows

    Comprehensive service.

    Our skilled staff is always available via video call for all types of questions.

    All of our costumers will have access to our extensive service cloud with helpful information. 

    A 12-month warranty is included when purchasing our printing device.

    Optionally, the warranty can be extended to 24 months.

    Support via Video Call

    Expert advice via video call.

    Service Cloud

    Access to exclusive information material.

    12 months warranty

    Optionally extendable to 24 months.

    Order Coloranino®.

    Simply order online.

    Order now your Coffee Printer – Here in our webshop.

    Shipping is secure, uncomplicated and directly from Berlin.

    There is no need to hire a specialist to install your coffee printer. Using the attached step-by-step instructions, you can easily do it yourself in just a few minutes.

    Enchant your customers with unique creations.

    Color up your Coffee!

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