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A user interface system that convinces

Internet connection through QR Code technology and WLAN
Offline mode with selfie-cam or saved image gallery
Flavourless food colouring -Made in Germany-
NEW: Print cartridges available in different colours
Slim design for an optical highlight in black or white
Plug & Play: No additional app or service package required
Multilingual and worldwide Colorato customer support
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See the Coloranino® in action

Creating added value with personalised drinks

Let your Coloranino® 3D Coffeeprinter be the best wingman in town!

How does that work exactly?

Print on foam-based beverages in a few seconds! From coffee to beer, cocktails, milkshakes and much more

Plug & Play? Installing the Coloranino® is so easy

We let a customer install the coffee printer for us for the first time.

Interested in technical details?

Or call us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you!
Size19 cm x 34 cm x 46 cm l x b x h
Weight11 Kg
voltage / current
Power adapter
Input: 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz 1.5A Max.
Output: DC12V-5A
Performance30 W
Print capacityabout 800 prints per cartridge
Printing speedabout 15 seconds per image
Print colouringMonochrome
Print colorchocolate brown, red, blue, yellow, black
Container height5 - 20 cm
ConnectionsWLAN, USB
SoftwareMultilingual software package
International approvals

makes sure that soon everyone around you knows you!

Your drinks become a social media booster

iPhone 11 Gewinnspiel

  • Your Selfieccino customers can win a free iPhone 11
  • THE social media booster for your location through Instagram participation
  • Increase your beverage sales with the ultimate Unique Selling Point

Where is the Coloranino® used?

You can create WOW experiences almost anywhere thanks to the intuitive handling

Cafes & Restaurants

Bars & Clubs

Hotels & Lounges

Events & Fairs

Coloranino® FAQ

All questions are answered briefly and concisely here

How does the Coloranino print?

The Coloranino® prints with approved food colouring. We offer two different textures: EG 1333/2008 compliant for use within the EU; and FDA approved for use within the USA.

What beverages can the Coloranino® print on?

The Coloranino® can print on almost all smooth surfaces with a maximum diameter of 10 cm. Coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, beer, milkshakes, smoothies, pastries or desserts such as ice cream or puddings - there are no limits to creativity!

Which motifs can I print with the Coffee Printer?

With the Coloranino® you can print all kinds of motifs. Be it selfies, company logos, photos or slogans, everything is possible!

Can the Coloranino® also prepare drinks?

No, the Coloranino® is a beverage printer and can decorate the surface, but not produce beverages itself.

Does printing with the Coloranino® distort the taste of my drink?

No, our food colouring is tasteless. The enjoyment of your drinks is therefore not negatively affected.

Are the cartridges refillable or replaceable?

The cartridges can be exchanged with one handle. Replacement cartridges can be easily ordered via our webshop. Since food colouring, like comparable food, is subject to a best before date, we do not refill them in cartridges that have already been used, but only offer newly filled cartridges.

How many prints are possible with one cartridge?

About 800 prints are possible, but this may vary up or down depending on the size of the print area.

How should the cartridges be stored?

The cartridges should be stored upright and at room temperature.

What colours can the Coloranino® print in?

Our Coloranino can print in different colours: chocolate brown, black, red, yellow, blue. The print is always monochrome in one of the chosen colours. On request, we can also compose any colour shade you like.

Do I need an app to transfer images?

No, our Coloranino® does not require an additional app. We offer three interfaces: 1) QR-Code technology for online image transfer, 2) Selfie-Cam for creating live photos (on-site and offline), 3) Built-in memory for storing standard images.

Can I use different glasses/cups?

yes, the built-in sensor automatically detects the beverage surface, from cappuccino to wheat glass. Note that glasses in particular are filled up to the top edge of the container (e.g. with beer or milk foam).

What about the warranty?

We offer a 12 month warranty on our beverage printer and provide you with exclusive customer service all around.

Do I need trained personnel to install the printer?

No, the great advantage of the Coloranino® is its intuitive handling. The Coloranino® is pre-configured as a plug & play device and is ready for immediate use in a few minutes.

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