About us

Made in Berlin.

We are two brothers and this is our journey into a very rewarding business. We both live in Berlin and are half-Italian and half-German. So, coffee has always been an important part of our life.


We have noticed how food sharing on social media has become the ultimate marketing strategy in the food industry. Now, Café’s, restaurants and all kinds of eating establishments are encouraging people to share pictures of their food and it works wonders for marketing. We have also noticed how that it is a very common thing for food, but not for drinks. It seems like young people take a lot of pictures of their meals, but none of them pays any attention to the drinks they had with them. We knew there was a way to enhance a beverage like coffee with what is known as “latte art”, but this is usually limited to a heart design on a drink and it isn’t such an exciting thing to share.

With this in mind, we decided that a beverage needed to be boosted to a whole new level, and we came up with the idea of printing on drinks.


Our business was founded in 2017 after many prototypes for beverage printers and extensive research to create the ultimate marketing-friendly beverage.


This allowed us to come up with the innovative beverage printer that includes the following features:

  • Technically meet the requirement to print with (not to clog the tiny nozzles)
  • Inks in different colors (monochromatic)
  • Meeting the legal requirements (dyes and additives) of the European Union (EC 1333/2008) and Germany (Zusatzstoff-Zulassungsverordnung)
  • Produced in Germany to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.


This led to a successful trip to the patent office for our high quality ink. Then, we knew we had to put our printer to the ultimate test and we did this at our aunt’s wedding. We printed beverages, that became a huge success at the wedding with everyone sharing their drinks on social media and people liking their posts and sharing them with others. This was the moment when we realized that we had created something special and the demand was incredibly high.


We are Brothers


At first, we had no connections within the food industry, so we felt like even with this technology, we would have a hard time gaining momentum. Fortunately, things worked out quite well because the printer became a huge success on exhibitions (our first exhibition was the Berlin Fashion week). This allowed us to find plenty of popular companies that wanted to get involved and helped us reach a larger audience.


One of our milestones was the “Selfieccino” which gives people the chance to get their own face printed on the coffee. This was a massive social media hit that took the most popular platforms by storm. The use of this printer in restaurants and coffee shops became an instant way for these business owners to stand out from their competitors and social media sharing provides and outstanding boost in popularity and sales. Now, that our printer has reached the mainstream, we have used it to print on beer foam, cocktails, ice cream and desserts, with coffee always being the original and most popular demand.


This level of success required that we got in touch with an international sales team to bring our printer to the entire globe. With another huge effort we finally found a way in 2018 to meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to expand our printer business to the United States. This was a very important step and we knew the quality standards for this region required that we stepped up our game in order to succeed.


We decided to name our company Colorato, which means Colorful in Italian. This name provides the perfect description of what this printer does for the beverage industry. The printer was given the name “Coloranino” which stands for a combination of the world Colorato, and the name of our one and only Nephew, Nino.


Our journey to a successful venture with our printer has been incredibly rewarding and satisfying. We are constantly looking for ways to bring the joy of our invention to the rest of the world, and our brand is growing day by day due to high quality standards and amazing results to help market beverages effectively. Dedication, passion and commitment are merged in a business that believes in the value and importance of customer satisfaction. We implement marketing strategies that are truly outstanding and this is revolutionizing the way that beverages are marketed worldwide. With a constant thirst for innovation, the team at Colorato never slows down and we never stop evolving.


We love to hear from people all over the world who love the designs that we can put on their beverages. This is makes every part of the journey for the Colorato business amazing and worth every step of the way. We wish to continue writing history to ensure the best results with our service.